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At Bankruptcy Attorneys we understand that dealing with the burden of harassing creditors can be one of the most difficult times in your life.  For a piece of mind and a restful night, contact us today for a free consultation at one of our meeting locations in Tacoma, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Bremerton,  Everette  and Idaho to start down your path of debt relief.

Bankruptcy is deeply rooted in history. We can trace the concept of debt forgiveness as far back as Old Testament times. In England, the first official laws concerning bankruptcy were passed in 1542, under Henry VIII. In the United States, the first official bankruptcy law was enacted in 1800.

Many successful people have found themselves overextended and ended up filing for bankruptcy, only to successfully start over and find firmer financial footing. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford, and yes, even Walt Disney filed bankruptcy.

Our compassionate attorneys and legal staff are caring and optimists for your financial future. No matter your situation or how much debt you are in, we can help you find a proactive solution. We understand that nothing is more important than starting down the path of a brighter financial future.

As a legal team, we work in unison to provide our clients with the personal service they need during these difficult times. We stay in close contact with our clients throughout the process of helping them gain a fresh financial start.  If you continue to receive harassing phone calls from creditors after you have begun working with us, you can have them deal with us directly.

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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you do not have to make the decision alone. contact our compassionate legal team for a free consultation at one of our meeting locations in Kirkland, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Bremerton, Everett or Idaho. For Washington locations call 425-289-9873.